Marble It Up Free Download

Marble It Up Free Download

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Marble It Up Review

Platformers have been around almost as long as gaming itself. The usual setup involves a character that can run, jump, and interact with objects around them. Well, Marble It Up is a platformer, but it plays far differently than a regular one. Your goal is to roll, jump, and use power-ups to make your way to the end of each level. As simple as a concept as rolling marbles around is, the way the levels are designed combined with the power-ups and stage hazards and gimmicks make this a very interesting and frustratingly fun experience.

One thing I noticed almost immediately is how tight the controls are. Even when my marble got up to high speed, it was very still very responsive when it came to slowing down, stopping, and changing direction. The camera controls are also spot on, which are a lifesaver in a lot of situations, especially when jumps are involved.

Speaking of jumps, there’s a bit of a learning curve to it. After all, your marble is still a ball, so it should come as no surprise that it can bounce. Due to Marble It Up!’s realistic physics system, you can use the bouncing mechanic to pick up speed very quickly and vault your way to the finish line, often in creative ways like bouncing off of platforms at the right time. Speed and timing are everything, as every level is a time trial. Depending on your time, a gold, silver, or bronze medal will be awarded. Thus, the overall objective is to try your best to get a gold medal on every level. The more medals you earn, the more marble paint schemes that will be unlocked.

Each level has a bit of a quirk to it. Some levels will have you make use of power-ups such as a spring, speed boost, and gravity walls. Other levels have ice as an environmental hazard, which of course makes it much harder to control your marble. Then there are some stages that mix things up by having you collect gems to unlock the finishing portal. There are various interesting gimmicks throughout the levels. For instance, one level requires you to jump onto cogs in order to reach different platforms. Then there’s another that has you rolling through plummeting tubes and funnels. There’s even another level that has platforms that are continually flipping between right side up and upside down. 

Some levels are more difficult than others, but there are checkpoints in (almost) all of them. The only issue is the timer never stops ticking, so those few precious seconds of respawning could result in the loss of a medal. I found the design of each level to be really well done. The developers have thought of creative ways to incorporate the physics and mechanics involved with playing with a marble. Thus, all of the levels offer a great sense of speed with a good balance of platforms. I only took issue with one particular level towards the end (which is the only one I haven’t gotten a medal for), as it proved to be more of a puzzle than a platformer like the other levels. Other than that menace, I found the rest to be quite charming. That being the case, it was disappointing when it was all over in about three hours.

In its base form, Marble It Up! includes 40 levels. On paper that sounds like a decent amount, but these levels are rather short, each lasting for a few minutes at a time. Thus, the longevity only really exists if you intend to keep trying to improve on your times.

Alas, it must be mentioned that more content is planned. However, these plans worry me. For starters, the developers have spoken of level packs being added after launch. The eShop description does make note of in-game purchases. As of the time of writing, there is no additional content, but that description seems to point to the future level packs being paid DLC. For such a small game, that’s a little disappointing. On the brighter side, a level editor is also being added. But, again, there’s a catch—only PC users will be able to share levels with each other directly. As for console players, thus including Switch users, the developers themselves will be curating what they consider to be the best user-created levels and then releasing them as level packs on consoles. If these packs are also paid for, that would be a low move. Thus, here’s hoping at least the user packs will be free.

Other than the small amount of content and potential paid DLC, there isn’t much else that I found wrong with Marble It Up!. On top of the tight controls and great level design, the presentation is beautiful. It’s no graphical showcase of the Switch’s capabilities, but the bright color palette, sharp textures (especially on the marbles), and good use of lighting make for a charming visual experience. Some levels go all-in and offer a psychedelic experience that makes it feel like you’re rolling through a fever dream, but again, it’s still nice to look at. The only shortcoming of the presentation (albeit a rather small one) is the sound.

The soundtrack is actually really good, and each song is upbeat and continuously drove me to keep on playing. But the audio quality itself is what caught me off guard. Not just the music, but just about every sound in the game seems to be compressed to the point where it sounds like a low-quality rip that you’d hear on an amateur YouTube video. I was wondering if it was just my speakers, but even the music in the trailers has the same low-quality effect. I’m not sure if this was a creative choice, but it just seems out of place to me. I did get too wrapped up in the gameplay to not focus on it too much, but it’s noticeable either way.

Still, putting its minor issues aside, Marble It Up! has proven to be a fun little gem. Indeed, it is quite little in its current form, but if you enjoy 3D platformers, then this should still be up your alley nonetheless. But, seriously, don’t let us down on those level packs, Engine Company. If anything, charge them for a very small fee. After all, its asking price is already $20, and there are other indie games that include more content for less. Thus, Marble It Up! is a game that can definitely hang around for a while if additional content is easy to obtain. 

Review By: A.K Rahming
Publish On: Nintendo Enthusiast

Marble It Up Gameplay Screenshots

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Marble It Up System Requirements

Here are the minimum system requirements for Marble It Up game for PC.

  • CPU: Info
  • CPU SPEED: 2.4 GHz Dual core
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • VIDEO CARD: Intel HD Graphics 630 or Iris Pro Graphics

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