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Subnautica Overview

Subnautica is an open world survival game in development by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Subnautica allows the player to explore an aquatic alien planet by scuba diving and traveling in submersibles, while collecting resources and food to survive. It was released on Steam Early Access on December 16, 2014, and is currently in development for Xbox One. Full V1.0 release is planned for May 2017.

The player controls in first-person view the lone survivor of a crashed ship the "Aurora" on an aquatic planet. The main objective of the player is to explore the open world environment and survive the dangers of the planet while at the same time following the story of what happened in the game. Subnautica allows the player to collect resources, construct tools, bases, and submersibles, and interact with the planet's wildlife.Players must keep themselves adequately hydrated and fed, and must also maintain their oxygen supply while traversing underwater (Survival Mode). The game includes a day and night cycle. The game also includes three other modes: Freedom mode, in which only hunger and thirst are disabled; Hardcore mode, which is the same as Survival, except that if the player dies, the player will no longer be able to respawn; and Creative mode, in which the hunger, thirst, health, and oxygen features are all disabled, all the crafting blueprints are acquired, but items need resources to be crafted and the submersibles do need energy and can be damaged. The game is mainly set underwater, but there are two fully explorable islands.

The game takes place in the late 22nd century, when humanity begins to colonize planets in space. Alterra Corporation, a huge company across the galaxy, sends the Capital-class star ship Aurora to Ariadne Arm to construct a phase gate. However, during its gravitational slingshot maneuver around planet 4546b, an unknown energy pulse strikes the vessel, critically damaging the hull, making the ship crash-land into the planet's ocean. During the crash-landing sequence, several life pods were launched. One of these life pods contains the player. During the life pod's impact with the water, the player is knocked unconscious for three hours until waking up to see a fire inside the life pod. The player rushes to pick up the fire extinguisher and puts the flames out. There are at least 16 other life pods, most of which landed successfully. However, while the player was unconscious, the other life pods experienced fatal situations. This leaves the player as the only Aurora survivor.

After about three in-game days, the Aurora explodes due to instability on one of the drive cores and releases massive amounts of radiation into the ocean. The vessel's blown out front opens several passages to the ship's reactor room, which the player can access with a radiation suit. After fixing the reactors, radiation levels around the Aurora crash site begins to decrease. Through the Data Terminals found in the Aurora, its secret second mission of finding the lost ship Degasi and its survivors is revealed. While progressing through the game, a radio message is sent to the communications relay, which explains that a passing cargo ship, called the Sunbeam, has picked up their distress signal and are coming to help, telling the player that they are going to land on a nearby island to rescue them. When the player arrives, the Sunbeam's captain, Avery Quinn, tells them that they are in orbit. However, an alien super weapon dubbed the "Precursor Ground-to-Air Weapon System", destroys the Sunbeam.

Later in the game, the player discovers information about the planet's native intelligent species, known as the Precursors, and the lethal bacteria, the Carar, by following the blast origin coordinates from the Aurora Black box Data. The Precursors put a massive energy cannon in place to prevent any alien life from entering the planet and potentially spread the Carar to other planets, which could have untold consequences. The Precursors are revealed to have constructed four bases on the planet over one thousand years ago, the "Precursor Ground-to-Air Weapon System", the large energy cannon that shot down the Aurora, Degasi, and the Sunbeam. The "Secondary Bio-Research Facility", which was a testing facility for creatures infected with the Carar, however, this base was destroyed by an escaped creature, an event that unleashed the Carar onto the planet. The "Precursor Thermal Power Generator", which powers the other bases as well as the Warpers, a bio-mechanical life form developed by the Precursors in order to stop the spread of the Carar. The Primary Research Facility, which is located in the planet's deepest biome, which currently houses the largest creature in the game, the Sea Emperor, which is the last of its kind due to the Carar. Due to the severity of the Carar, the Precursors made the Warpers, who are meant to kill any creature infected with the bacteria, as a means of destroying it. It is later revealed that the player is infected, and the Warpers will hunt the player as well.

The player will end the game by collecting Ion Crystals from Precursor bases and locating a cure for the Carar that the player becomes infected with. Once the player is cured, they will have the ability to shut down the "Precursor Ground-to-Air Weapon System" and build an escape rocket with these said crystals. The player will then have completed the game and survived Planet 4546b. As of currently this is however impossible.
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Subnautica Gameplay Screenshots

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Subnautica System Requiremetns

Here are the minimum system requirements for Subnautica game for PC.

  • OS: Windows Vista SP2 or newer, 64-bit.
  • Processor: Intel Haswell 2 cores / 4 threads @ 2.5Ghz or equivalent.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 or equivalent.
  • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space.
  • Additional Notes: Subnautica is an Early Access game, and minimum specifications may change during development.

CPU Speed:Intel Haswell 2 cores / 4 threads @ 2.5Ghz or equivalent
OS:Windows Vista SP2 or newer, 64-bit
Video Card:Intel HD 4600 or equivalent
Free Disk Space:6 GB

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