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Forza Horizon 2 Download Now

Forza Horizon 2 PC Game Download Now

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Forza Horizon 2 Overview

Forza Horizon 2 is an open-world racing video game developed for Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. It is the sequel to 2012's Forza Horizon and the seventh instalment in the Forza series. The Xbox One version of the game was developed by Playground Games, the team behind the original Forza Horizon, while Sumo Digital developed the version for Xbox 360, with Forza series developer Turn 10 Studios supporting both builds. The Xbox 360 version is also the final Forza game released for the platform. The game received positive reviews from critics and a sequel, Forza Horizon 3, was released on 27 September 2016.

Forza Horizon 2 is a racing video game, featuring an open world environment. The player participates in the Horizon Festival, a fictional racing competition set within Southern France and Northern Italy. The game world has approximately three times more drivable area than that for the original Forza Horizon, with events set in Provence, Liguria and Côte d'Azur, among other regions. Players will explore the region, taking part in races and special events in order to advance through the game. Events can take place at day or night, and a dynamic weather system is being added for the first time in a Forza-series game.

Among new features in the game is the "Bucket List", which is a group of challenges for the player to complete, similar to the 1000 Club in Forza Horizon. There will be two separate lists; one for France and another for Italy. "Co-Op Bucket Lists" are available when a player goes to the online version of the map, and can complete the bucket lists with a random person or invite a friend. It has also been confirmed that these challenges will be continuously updated to provide new challenges throughout the map. Car Meets are an online mode where players can meet up online and compare their cars, similar to "Forzavista" mode in Forza Motorsport 5. Players will also be able to interact with each other in Car Meets, including sharing tuning setups and liveries. In the online version of the game, races such as circuits, sprints, and cross country are playable against other players, along with other game types such as Infected and King. The standalone expansion of the game based on The Fast and the Furious franchise, Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious, adds nitrous oxide boosts to the Forza series. Unlike other racing games however, nitrous can only be used during most of the game's events, and only replenishes at the very start of said events.

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On 22 July 2014, Turn 10 Studios revealed the first 100 of over 200 cars to be featured in the open world game, from exotics, rally cars, trucks, hot hatches, among others. Many cars from the Forza series return, including many cars from the original Horizon game. The list includes the 2014 Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 and Veneno, the McLaren P1, the LaFerrari, the Agera, and the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Another new car that they had released was the Ford Capri RS3100 which is a barn find. All ten barn finds can be found off-road, usually in hidden places.
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Forza Horizon 2 Gameplay Screenshots

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Forza Horizon 2 System Requirements

Here are the minimum system requirements for Forza Horizon 2 game for PC.

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Althon X2 2.7 GHz
  • RAM: 1.5GB
  • Graphic card: DirectX 10 or 11 compatible Nvidia or AMD ATI card, ATI Radeon 3870 or higher, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher.
  • Graphics card memory: 512 MB
  • Sound card: DirectX compatibl sound card
  • Hard drive: 9 GB for disc version or 8 GB for digital version

Forza Horizon 2 Download Now

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Note: PC version is not available. It's for XBOX Only.

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