Trainz Simulator 12 Free Download

Trainz Simulator 12 Free Download

Trainz Simulator 12 PC Game Free Download

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Trainz Simulator 12 Download Cover Free Game

Trainz Simulator 12 Overview

Trainz is a series of 3D train simulator computer games originating in 2001, now controlled and offered by Australian game developer N3V Games (originally developed and marketed by Auran until 2007) utilizing the Auran Jet I, II, or III 32 bit computer based game engines. New Trainz releases, regardless of management or ownership details, have come out on average every second year with periodic free software updates in between. Major releases being Trainz, Trainz UTC, TRS2004, TRS2006, Trainz Classics 1,2, & 3, TS2009, TS2010, MAC-1, TS12, MAC-2 in 32 bit releases with Mac versions in 2010 and 2012, and now 'TANE-SP1' and 'Driver 2016' (a new (February, 19th 2016) variant aimed more at Driving experiences using payware routes and scenarios like the rival Rail Simulator series ). In addition, in 2012 N3V leveraged off it's MAC conversions to add offerings on both iPad and Android OS based phones and hand-held Pad computers.

In 2013 N3V Games announced a Kickstarter project to purpose-build a whole new multi-core 64bit processor based game called Trainz: A New Era. The new game engine was being developed specifically to bring the Trainz franchise onto modern hardware. It barely hit a mandatory release deadline with a Community Edition (download only) release in late 2014. By April, the software was considered stable enough for an actual production release, though in reality, the lack of regular Trainz capabilities and features continues into March 2016 with a release of Servicepack 1's hotfix-2. This is not unusual process with Trainz releases, whose hobbyist community are driven to demand progress in features and capability, but tolerant of the growing pains whilst the programmer's figure out how to make it happen and be stable.

Trainz 1.0 (the first 'Trainz Community Edition') was first released in the fall of 2001, after nearly three years of development after Microsoft's MSTS beat them into the market even as they'd started to distribute the Beta release 'Trainz 0.9'. The early design studies included various railroad hobby organizations on four continents, who continued in that role as the software reached maturity. From that user group seed, who began actually building things (digital models) for incorporating as prototypes into the game well before the Beta, the series has a large online community that creates and shares user-created content via an online website called the Trainz Download Station, which directly interfaces with the simulators data management module called the Content Manager (CM).

It is evident with the gravitation to the Macintosh systems and phone/Pad operating systems with cut down versions, as well as a growing number of in-house offered payware add-ons, that Trainz management was seeking to expand their market and segue their business model to one more like the rival 'Train Simulator' (new name of (Rail Simulator) franchise with a greater reliance on turnkey payware offerings. The advent in March (actual availability) of the newest Trainz Driver release, Driver 2016 as well as a growing group of Trainz partners who are gradually bending the Trainz business model toward a blend of freeware and hobbyists. New versions were generally released annually or bi-annually including localized versions and across many platforms. Trainz Simulator 12 for Windows and Trainz Simulator 2 Mac were the last installments in the franchise based upon the older Jet technology. Trainz: A New Era is the first release based on the new "Reality" game engine.
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Trainz Simulator 12 Gameplay Screenshots

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Trainz Simulator 12 System Requirements

Here are the minimum system requirements for Trainz Simulator 12 game for PC.

CPU:Intel Pentium D
CPU Speed:3.5 GHz
OS:Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Video Card:Intel 256 MB VRAM or NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS
Free Disk Space:16 GB

Trainz Simulator 12 Free Download

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