Puzzle Bobble Game Free Download

Puzzle Bobble PC Game Free Download

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Puzzle Bobble Gameplay, Screenshots and Review




Puzzle Bobble is an old and famous puzzle game played on a big level on earlier PlayStation in 1994. The gameplay is simple and interesting to stay the player stuck with the game. The player needs to match the bobbles according to the colors and throw them to other matching bobbles. For the purpose, you need to be a good aim-setter.


When 3 or more bobbles of same colors are matched together, the bobbles blow out and the player gets points. One important thing to keep in mind during gameplay for the players is that you have limited  bobbles to throw via bobble firing gun. Because with each fire, the rows of bobbles comes down slowly and the player is supposed to smash all the bobbles before the bobbles reach the firing gun.


Puzzle Bobble PC Game System Requirements

Pentium III
CPU Speed:500 MHz
OS:Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8
Video Card:8 MB
Free Disk Space:16 MB

Puzzle Bobble Free Download

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