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Hitman: Absolution PC Gameplay, Screenshots and Review

Hitman: Absolution is a stealth video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. It is the fifth installment in the Hitman game series, and runs on IO Interactive 's proprietary Glacier 2 game engine. Before release, the developers stated that Absolution would be easier to play and more accessible, while still retaining hardcore aspects of the franchise. The game was released on 20 November 2012 (which is in the 47th week of the year in reference to the protagonist, Agent 47) for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. On 15 May 2014 Hitman: Absolution — Elite Edition was released for Mac OS X by Feral Interactive; it contained all previously released downloadable content, including Hitman: Sniper Challenge, a "making of" documentary, and a 72-page artbook.


The game takes place primarily in the United States, mainly around the city of Chicago, Illinois, and a fictional town called Hope in South Dakota. This game introduces an online option to the series, where players can create their own missions for other players to complete. In addition, the game features "Instinct Mode" which allows 47 to predict enemy patrol routes, much like the "Sonar Vision" that was featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. In the aftermath of Hitman: Blood Money, Diana Burnwood, Agent 47's handler with the International Contract Agency, suddenly goes rogue, carrying out a catastrophic sabotage that includes publicly exposing the Agency. The Agency reforms under Agent Benjamin Travis; Travis assigns 47 to kill Diana and bring Victoria, a teenage girl in her care, to the Agency. Shooting and wounding Diana in her home in Chicago, 47, rather than executing her, comforts the dying Diana, who gives him a letter and asks him to keep Victoria safe from the Agency.


47 hides Victoria at a Catholic orphanage somewhere in Chicago and contacts an International Contracts Agency (ICA) informant named Birdie, who asks him to kill a wealthy gangster nicknamed The King of Chinatown, in order for him to play ball. After eliminating him, 47 meets with Birdie, who briefs him about Blake Dexter, the CEO of Dexter Industries, who may have more information on Victoria. As payment, 47 is forced to give his signature Silverballers to Birdie. 47 learns that Dexter is in the "Terminus" hotel and after evading Dexter's henchmen, eavesdrops on him. 47 learns from Dexter's conversation with his secretary Layla that he plans to kidnap and auction Victoria to the highest bidder. 47 attempts to strangle Sanchez, Dexter's enormous bodyguard, who proceeds to knock 47 unconscious. After Dexter discovers who he is, he almost kills him, but decides as he doesn't want that kind of attention.


Despite 47 's efforts, Victoria is still kidnapped by Wade. 47 manages to shoot Wade, but Victoria is then taken hostage by Lenny, Dexter 's son. 47 interrogates Wade to reveal Victoria 's location—–Hope, South Dakota—–and leaves him to die of his injuries. Meanwhile, Birdie approaches Dexter, offering to broker the ransom of Victoria back to the Agency, but he is rejected. In anger, Birdie secretly provides information about 47 's location to Travis's assistant, Jade, and information about Dexter to 47, hoping to profit off the situation. After arriving in Hope, 47 retrieves his Silverballers after Birdie informs him of their location at a gun store. Later, 47 kills Lenny 's gang and interrogates Lenny himself. The player then drives him to the desert, and the player can either kill him or leave him in the desert. Learning from Lenny that Victoria is at the Dexter Industries HQ, 47 infiltrates the facility and destroys their research data on her while assassinating its scientists, and discovers that Victoria is in fact a genetically engineered clone bred to be a top-class assassin like him; however she can only use the skills of an assassin when she wears her necklace. 47 kills Sanchez in an underground cage fight after learning from him that Victoria was taken back to Hope.


Victoria, who is disgusted by Dexter 's words, opens the briefcase containing the ransom and throws the money onto his dying body. 47 and Victoria then leave the hotel. 47 learns from the letter Diana gave to him that Travis created Victoria without the Agency 's knowledge; in the letter, she also requests that 47 kill Travis to protect Victoria. Pursuing him to England, 47 finds the ICA exhuming the Burnwood family graves, believing Diana 's death to have been faked. After killing Jade, and then Travis' personal guards, the Preatorians, 47 corners Travis, who asks him if Diana is dead. 47 refuses to answer and kills Travis. During a closing cutscene, 47 watches Diana and Victoria from afar before a message from Diana welcomes him back to the Agency, revealing that the shot 47 fired at her was non-lethal. Victoria also considers disposing of her necklace to prevent her from hurting anyone, with Diana telling her to do what she has to. Another cutscene then shows Birdie offering information on 47 to Cosmo Faulkner, a detective investigating his case.


Though plans to continue the Hitman franchise were first announced in 2007, it was not until May 2009 that Eidos confirmed the game was in development. Certain plot details for the game were rumored in 2009, stating that the game's story would lead Agent 47 to a low point from which he would have to rebuild himself. On 20 April 2011, Square Enix filed the trademark for the name Hitman: Absolution in Europe, leading sites to speculate that it would be the name of the fifth Hitman game. On 6 May 2011, a teaser trailer was released, confirming the title Hitman: Absolution. The trailer briefly showed Agent 47 attaching a suppressor and a rattlesnake coiled around his signature Silverballer pistol. It has been reported the game will be a "familiar and yet significantly different experience from other Hitman games." On 9 October 2011, a full gameplay trailer entitled "Run for Your Life" was released.

Hitman: Absolution PC Game System Requirements

CPU:Dual core CPU (Intel, AMD) 2.0 GHz
CPU Speed:2.0 GHz or Higher
OS:Windows Vista, 7
Video Card:Nvidia Geforce 8600 512 Mb RAM, or AMD equivalent (Radeon HD 4650)
Sound Card:Yes
Hard Disk Space:10 GB

Hitman: Absolution Free Download

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