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Blood Knights PC Game Free Download

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Blood Knights PC Gameplay, Screenshots and Review

Blood Knights is a hack and slash action role-playing game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 (through PlayStation Network), and Xbox 360 (through Xbox Live Arcade). The game was developed by German studio Deck13 Interactive and published by Kalypso Media, also from Germany. Blood Knights was released on 1 November 2013 for the Xbox 360, 13 November 2013 for the PC, and 19 November 2013 for the PlayStation 3, with an ESRB rating of Mature.


The game features two playable characters: Jeremy, a vampire hunter, and Alysa, a vampire that Jeremy became ritually bound to, on a quest to retrieve an artifact that can cause cataclysms. The game features both single player and local cooperative gameplay (co-op) modes, but does not allow for online co-op. Blood Knights received generally negative reviews upon release, with a large number of critics faulting the game for showing a lack of creativity and having uninteresting gameplay.


The game combines platformer, role-playing, and combat elements. Players move about several levels, including a forest and a castle, using precision jumping and puzzle solving to move about the level. Players can discover equipable weapons and armor that improves effectiveness in combat by exploring levels for chests. Combat takes the form of set piece battles, in which a number of enemies appear and must be defeated before the player can continue to progress through the area. These enemies include human outlaws, demons, werewolves, and other vampires. The game also contains boss battles, in which the player must defeat a significantly stronger enemy that is aided by normal enemies.


Players assume control of Jeremy, a sword-wielding, melee-focused character, and Alysa, who uses crossbows to deliver ranged attacks. The game can be played as a single player game, in which the player alternates between controlling Jeremy and Alysa, or as a local co-op game, in which two players play cooperatively, with one controlling each character. Blood Knights does not support online co-op. Like most hack and slash games, the control scheme is minimal. When controlling Jeremy, players can chain attacks using one button (the X button on the Xbox 360), and can use a number of special attacks that have a cooldown timer, including a heavy blow, a whirlwind attack, and a power that draws distant enemies to Jeremy.


While controlling Alysa, the game functions as a twin-stick shooter, in which movement is controlled by one thumbstick or set of keys, and firing weapons is controlled by the other thumbstick or another set of keys. Alysa also has special attacks, including the ability to fire flaming arrows and a grenade attack. In single player gameplay, the player can switch between Jeremy and Alysa by pressing a button (the Y button on the Xbox 360). Players can transfer health, in the form of blood, between the two playable characters, healing one at the expense of the other.

Blood Knights PC Game System Requirements

CPU:Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz or equivalent AMD
CPU Speed:Info
OS:Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8
Video Card:GeForce 8800 GT/ Radeon HD 3850
Sound Card:Yes
Hard Disk Space:3 GB

Blood Knights Free Download

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